Principal Desk

Each moment is a golden opportunity, an opportunity to learn, to give, to help, to love and to live fully”. Education today is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. We are very thoughtful and ambitious. We are confined about ourselves, striving to be one of the best Private iti College in the state and in the Country also. The college started functioning in the year 2015. with three trades  viz electrician, fitter, & welder.

The College has been offering  budding engineers opportunity to acquire domain of  knowledge, technical skills and communication skills to prepare the students to face new challenges in the backdrop of globalization and current recession.

Maintaining the noble view, we started the journey to the current academic session to reach the ultimate that to produce qualified and competent professionals, responsive to the changing needs to the society by developing himself to develop the nation. Dear friends, we are just at the entry position of the lap and completely ready to go for long miles. 

Whatever your chosen trade , the staff & faculty in the college will ensure that you are well supported and that the time spent with us is not only worthwhile but really enjoyable. They will challenge you to do your best so that the skills that you aquire can be properly utilized & the outcome occurs as you deserve. At the same time they will encourage you to become involved in student life and have your view points and opinion.

  The aim is not that students  just simply attend college but are fully engaged in their learning experience. “Every New Day is a Challenge. A Challenge is an opportunity. An Opportunity is a Way to Success.

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