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At a time, when the need for technical institution became primary for the development of the infrastructure of the country, it is also become difficult on the part of the Government alone to shoulder the huge burden of setting up of such institution. Keeping this perspective in view, it was felt that in Birbhum, which can be termed the cradle of modern India History, setting up of a new Diploma Level Engineering Institute by a non government organization was worth experimenting upon.

Personally, I am feel that the development of the society depends on the basic three things - Industrial, Agricultural, and Educational policies of the nation. The economic development of any country is reflected through the industrial, agricultural and educational policy of the nation. Keeping in view of this, the country as well as State has embarked upon the liberalization, privatization and globalization of economy in all the three sectors.

Maintaining the noble view,we started the journey to the current academic session to reach the ultimate that to produce qualified and competent professionals, responsive to the changing needs to the society by developing himself to develop the nation. Dear friends, we are just at the entry position of the lap and completely ready to go for long miles.

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